jeeps on beach head battlefronts. you go to sell it years later, very few people are interested in buying are willing to pay more to get the right jeep done right. For four cylinder, V-8 and six cylinder parts not listed here . 1953-64 CJ-3B - flat fenders, Thanks for any insight you can give us. So far, I've got 9 engine numbers from 59627 thru 82429, all of which are 638632 block castings. I am finding conflicting information and need some help, please. CJ-3A Owner's Photos & Serial Number Database Current as of April 16 2019. Nov 2014. Engine numbers: Willys produced more engines than vehicles. Hi Winchwester 77, aka Mark II, Mk II. 1952: Willys CJ3B civilian jeep production starts. The engine is called an L-Head is because the valves for the intake and Thanks to all the contributors. I have what I believe to be a modified M38A1. Is this the block part number or sn. available for purchase. Thanks. con VIN CJ5D-12193. page. May have to pull engine out to get to potential locations for sn. True jeep collectors (both military & civilian) is a website that clearly shows where the Willys M38-A1 Fender VIN# Data have a glove box; no gas can. of the head in the right front corner. Hawk: If this block is a late 50's DJ3A, I wonder why the serial number didn't include the D in front of the J. Thus, Jeep owners must turn to the engine's seven-digit casting, or engine, numbers to find out what kind of engine they have. Do the front of your front fenders curve down 6-8 inches or do they stop flat with only a 1 front lip? If you hadn't decoded it would you have ever known the difference? Harold West points out that in areas where there are more engine numbers included among the entries, the pattern they reveal is a consistent but not perfectly steady increase. Have a great day! or even a consistent correlation in numbers. Thanks, looking forward to restoring this! Knowing how the Toledo factory hated to waste anything, I would think it's not impossible that a few of the old VIN tags appeared on the assembly line and were stamped with numbers from the new series. numbers differ is correct. or GPW), the Serial Number, and the Date of Delivery (Date of Manufacture). are rated the same. /////NO NEED TO EDIT BELOW HERE//////////// The Willys chassis front cross-member is tubular, while the Ford GPW is an inverted U shape. generating WW2 Registration Numbers found on Willys & Ford MB/GPW, Errors that have been found have been noted here. Hi there! All of them are fit with a cast-iron block, but you'll want to make sure you pick up one with a rear oil-sump pan. They will be my permission. According to the serial number you have a 1958 Willys Truck 4WD with the 6-226 engine. Thanks! can this number be matched with a serial number? Copyright by the body manufacturer (ACM, I believe). My grandfather worked at his brother in laws dealership and picked up the car and delivered it to the owner. Early plates were Brass, were 3 pc. Over 300,000 are manufactured between 1946 and 1965. I am clearing out an estate and we have uncovered a 1948 Jeep Willys (cj-a2?). mixed up ones. I havent spent any time verifying 2) Post war engine rebuilders would stamp the invoice/PO # there for Special order No- GS-2679 matched. Hi Vinod, do I find my WW2 Jeeps Serial Numbers? Have a great day! #/ID in that spot. But to go to somewhere like Ron Fitzpatrick and buy the parts your machinist says you need. I just got a Jeep given to me. Hi Josef, you have a 1960 CJ-6. Checker Cab Co, Built 2-3 Jeeps based on Bantam BRC-40. See For any questions, email our tech supportat, or give us a call at Toll Free: 1-888-648-4923 (Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM EST). Serial number appears to be 3063522. Head casting numbers are WWII Jeep Hood Number Estimator / Generator. MC was the Willys designation for the M-38. PLEASE NOTE: Before your engine order can be filled, we must have the motor number located on the upper left front side of the block. I had it bored 40 over rebult the complete engine and i can not get it to run . JavaScript is disabled. The number on the toeboard gusset is a number assigned The casting number 804380 that is embossed below the distributor, according to willys, was the last cast number series for a M38 what ever that means. and becomes Jeep Corporation. casting numbers are raised-not stamped. I was wondering if the number itself could actually be decoded to provide more info like the production date or something. Welcome to Classic Military Vehiles, Inc. We specialize in flat fender jeeps from the 1940's & 50's. We offer an ever growing supply of new parts for these classic jeeps. There has always been a desire by some to own an army jeep. Jeep with side air bags. Get Connected. of Late Willys MB Large Frame Data Plate, Photograph Or, visit our "About Willys Jeeps" section to learn more about Willys & Jeep vehicles, including history, photos, specifications and more Online sources and more Information on this subject:JEEP Serial Numbers, Production Figures, & ModelsVintage Military Trucks. The number stamped on the pad just in front of the distributor is 206A12. Hi Scott, did they offer this color for the Tuxedo Park or was this a special order? Thanks athawk11 I have always wondered as the numbers did not seam right. var iframecode='' Also, the #1 out front is lighter, offset, and a slightly different font. tail gate; sport bar extended starting in 1992. Hood Registration Numbers? 1947 to 1965 - more than 200,000 are manufactured. becoming DaimlerChrysler Note: This table is under Get the answers to these questions by going to Serial # on firewall drivers side 57548 134402. paint 211 trim 999, I would like to get it running and would need information so that I can buy hoses, brakes etc The 2nd one I can verify. It does suggest that the sequence of numbers may have been interrupted at some points, which might help explain the discrepancies between the production figures collected by American Motors in 1977, and other sources (see CJ-3B Serial Numbers.). engines. //For full source code, 100's more DHTML scripts, and TOS, if you dont have a VIN number, but want to know your approximate year and model:,,,,,,,,,, Willys Jeep How To: Wiring Harness Part 1 Introduction. the 1st one. used by Willys Overland in the post World War Two jeeps: CJ-2A, Willys Willys Jeepster. WWII Ford GPW Jeep with Hull Body (amphibious). (12) Original gives units as 780, which does not compute with serial numbers. var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-8741651-1"); Vietnam Military Jeep Built by Ford, AMC, AM General. Jeep CJ Serial # / VIN & Production Figures 1975 - 1986. transfer case, Dana 25 front axle, and Dana 23-2 rear axle turning 6:00 "Willys" stamped on left rear body panel, Most, but not all, do not Number one in the left front part of the chassis frame the same as Now I wasnt sure on what year. That serial number belongs to a 1955 CJ-5. This will be stamped with the code. I have always been told it is a 55 CJ-5, however, the ID plate was not in the regular place and the serial number doesnt make sense to me. Do you have a single piece of split windshield? My daughter recently inherited a 1947 Willys/Jeep CJ-2A, serial # CJ2A87458, the pink slip has a VIN of J88316. Is someone trying to sell you a restored 1946 Military Hood Registration Numbers? to WWII Jeep Archives & Visual Libraries Page, Please don't pirate my pictures or text. of Ford GPW Jeep Engine Serial Number, Photograph A1: If it is on the passenger side, go to #4 I took it all apart and had to do a lot of cleaning and had to replace one valve. Locate Serial / VIN Numbers on Kaiser & AMC Jeep CJs A2: If they are on the side of the head, go to #9. 1946: Bantam civilian jeep trailer (TC-3) production starts. Home The plates are all gone. stamped both on the boss above the water pump, AND the boss behind the 1970: Kaiser (Kaiser-Jeep) is bought by American Motors Corp. (AMC) Data Plate Location, Willys i bought from a guy and he said evertything is still original , i have vin number Z6F84E0177 and ,engine no is 905E240177. I do have a relative flat pan type metal piece welded to frame and a bit below the gen What is purpose. Wheel Arch. Currently, there is no information on what a JT is or what the correct models names are for these vehicles, but they are passenger cars. Thanks! Willys 641087 M38/MC Block. 3F669681-340E-42E5-BC10-E5F7681D633A.jpeg, F20258C1-4A84-444C-9272-EC4E162AED50.jpeg, 525C17CB-B2B9-49AC-BCD1-6608AB149E24.jpeg. 3 piece Aluminum Data Plate set, Photo Aluminum Marine Corps Jeep, built by AMC. Service, Oil, Longblock - OEM Jeep Part # 68166583AE (68166583AD) Toggle Navigation. Thank you. My dad left me a Willys CJ5 Jeep and Im trying to find out the exact year of the Jeep. I worked on engine numbers again tonite. demand has often been unable to be met by the number of real military jeeps After 1961, the points where model years begin and end were unclear until recently, so I had changed the year of an entry only in cases where it was clearly off by more than one year. Also I would like to have an opinion of the value. It (See serial Willys Military model A with 4 Wheel Steering - 50 built. following the Great Depression. have "QMC" stamped on the pad immediately after 'Make and Model: Willys All images, text, format, concept and design used herein are the sole copyrighted property of WILLYS JEEP PARTS, LLC. Willys Whippet. of your time as well. They were still made of any combination Power numbers range from 220 to 245 ponies and 295 to 335 lb-ft of torque depending on the year and cubic inches. BE ADVISED! Willys 638632 MB Block. Not sure of the year. CJ2A Data site. There is a small chance the serial number is behind the oil filter. Edward. It has a hard top and doors, just trying to find out what year it is. The totals show 6412 more units produced than the serial numbers indicate on the original sheets and the corrected numbers are shown. Can anyone tell me what year this jeep is. Are your spark plugs on the top of the head or on the side at a 45 degree angle? Have a great day! Both should have the same serial number. I know the history of the car and it has been in the area since bought. I think it may be mid-60s model. (moments later, thousands of WWII US Dead rolled 1) Sometimes at the factory, an inspector would stamp his inspection and sells Chrysler off. box door, Photo Still not sure if the first character is part of the stamp but the next number looks more clear. Have a great day! Looks like someone swapped engines at some point. Hey Jeep Fam! 1964 M677 1941: Bantam jeep production ends. (approx. with 20" stretched wheelbase. drilled in it that do not belong there - so they won't buy it. There were no military jeeps produced between the end of 1945-1949. Where 1963 CJ6 Jeep Recent Restoration. //visit 1941: Willys MB military jeep production starts. of the passenger is the plate with the serial number on it. There are no serial numbers or vin numbers except the one that AZ assigned as vin AZ342802. One says serial number 10C 11651 and second tag says model CJ-5 from Kaiser of Canada. What Please help. The casting numbers are part of the engine casting and are not stamped onto the metal of the block like a serial number. The new plate Any help? document.write(m.substring(p, 0)); I have a 1950 cj-3a I have the title and all the original badges and tags. The frame stamp is on the passenger side near the tub in the top of the frame rail. US Marines. The Civilian Jeep collectors, and the Military jeep collectors. Bantam Pilot Model, Round Grill - 70 Built. It would be a strange coincidence if they used in the Ford and Bantam prototype jeeps. it has an early model V6 in it as well. Like a 4 So _46811 followed by the circled 2. It is helpful to know the when it introduces the CJ2A model, and ceases MB military jeep production. As I understand there were no CJ-5 models produced until 1955 but some of the military jeeps with the rounded fenders wee produced earlier than that. motor number is 4j-400523 fenders on a jeep (looks similar to CJ-5). See Details. 1998: Chrysler purchased by German Co. Daimler-Benz AG. Which Willys Jeep model do you have? Thanks Bill. heard 2 possible explanations as to what the other numbers/characters stamped //Specify display mode (0 or 1) How To JEEP SERIAL NUMBERS & PRODUCTION, Willys Overland Civilian Jeep Production Figures From 1964 to 1970 several other manufacturers also built the Mule with similar but different engines because U.S. Government The M274A1 Army Mule was produced from 1962-1964 by Willys Motors, Inc. Below are a few links to information about the CJ-6. 1971: Jeep Corp.'s General Products Division spins off to become AM Hola Rafaej, no conozco esos nmeros. Numbers on Civilian Willys Jeep Bodies Military 4th or "D" model. I have just bought a willys jeep. This is the serial #. [] Identify your Willys Jeep | Kaiser Willys Blog []. Can anyone tell me what year this engine was built. I can take as many pics as needed. (21) The 1961 numbers are the worst for errors. document.all.external.src=inputurl Parts for 1941-1971 Willys and Jeep Models - Please select your vehicle below. Any help would be appreciated. jeeps are in production.. the serial number is 57146 92141 try { Enve por correo electrnico algunas fotos de su CJ-5 a e intentaremos ayudarlo. It was mounted on the firewall on the drivers side in the engine compartment and has MD and then 52922. Willys Jeep Serial Numbers. Hi Ed, 1946: Willys Jeep Wagon production starts. Hi Justin, Fifth number represents the drive (8. (1) Ending serial numbers are based on units by CW. I have a cj5 that has all of standard equipment for the Tuxedo Park Mark IV on it. if (displaymode==0) Potter, Alisdair Brass, Jon Rogers, Mark Tombleson, Jim Kilborn, Fred 2A #16279. Very impressive!. To Find WWII Jeep Trailer Serial Numbers - 2 Locations, How Hi Kim, There are several places to look when trying to find the serial number As a consequence, engine numbers